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EMLYON Business School is pleased to host the 30th French Finance Association Conference, which will be held from May 28–31, 2013.

The French Finance Association Conference is one of the main European conferences in finance. The Conference gives researchers the opportunity to present their research work and exchange ideas.

We are delighted to announce: 

The keynote speakers:

Robert Engle,                       Jean-Charles Rochet,
Nobel Laureate,                      President of the Econometric Society,
Professor at NYU                   Professor at Zürich University

Yacine Aït-Sahalia,                     Damiano Brigo
Professor                                       Professor at Imperial College,
Princeton University                       Head of the Capco Research Institute

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The round-table:

Jean-François Boulier                 Michel Crouhy, 
CEO, Aviva Investors Europe          Head of Research & Development

Romain Durand                           Hubert Rodarie
CEO, Actuaris International            Deputy CEO, Smabtp Groupe


Communications on any subject related to finance are considered.
Topics of interest include (not limited to):
 Financial Markets,
 Corporate Finance,
 International Finance,
 Behavioral Finance
 Asset Pricing
 Portofolio Management
 Credit Risk
 Quantitative Finance
 Insurance Theory
 Economics of Risk
 Application of Operations Research in Finance and Risk Management..

We hope that you find this conference rewarding and look forward to seeing you in Lyon.

The submission deadline is closed since April 10, 2013.

François Quittard-Pinon
President of The French Finance Association / Program Chair
EMLYON Business School

Olivier Le Courtois
Program Co-Chair
EMLYON Business School

Riccardo Calcagno & François Le Grand
PhD Workshop Organizers
EMLYON Business School







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